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  • Anamménos


    Anamménos is a piece that delves into the idea of refusing to quit. Of not giving up. Of believing you have more to give and not letting that flame diminish or go out.

    This is exemplified by the change of colour exhibited in this piece. Utilising interference gold, I created this piece to transform in front of your eyes, either as the day progresses or as you walk around it, impacting you in a multitude of ways. Progressing from gold to platinum or vice versa, you will find a new detail or a new aesthetic every time you view it.

    My work often talks of the various aspects of mental health. Whether it depict the battle itself, the people it can affect, survival or recovery, I always look to display an emotion or a moment in time. I hope you join this journey with me and together we can go further.

    This piece is 80cm x 80cm, consisting of gold, black, white and copper acrylic under resin on a beautifully constructed wooden panel.


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