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  • Bulo-Berte


    'Bulo-Berte' is a new inclusion into Benny Archers' stunning new 'Satellite' collection, comprising of contemporary abstract works inspired by aerial landscape imagery.


    'Bulo-Berte' was directly inspired by an aerial image of Somalia that Benny had a great desire to replicate as well as he could. A true test of his ability and skill as an artist working within his complex and unconventional medium. He couldn't be happier with the outcome, as he feels it represents the landscape to a tee, referencing composition and palette.


    Benny's abstract work is unlike anything seen on the market. It's immersive in its depth and bold in colour, thanks to its flawless resin finish. These stunning, organic works fill homes and commercial spaces, with warmth and an air of mystery as they transform before your eyes from different vantage points. As light changes throughout the days and evenings, the gift of a new aesthetic can be found at every viewing, delighting collectors and visitors alike.

    Creating the work is a passion-fuelled, fully thought out process, beginning with rough shapes in one of many sketchbooks, then, as if by magic, evolving into a 3 meter contemporary artwork consisting of acrylic and resin on a custom made birch panel.

    While the entire undertaking brings enormous artistic satisfaction to Benny, the ultimate joy is his clientele falling in love with his art and sharing what they’ve found.

    Given the nature of his work is so organic in its abstraction and thus almost indecip