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MetaGalactic Tides
  • MetaGalactic Tides


    'MetaGalactic Tides' captures the essence of our universe and simultaneously, deep oceanic reefs, with its rich palette of turquoise, gold, and magenta, allowing for an immersive experience of its intricate details and dynamic composition.

    Throughout this Benny Archer original work, a swirling vortex of magenta hues draws the viewer into a mesmerizing journey through the galaxy on tides of magic. The vortex is surrounded by concentric rings of both light and dark turquoise combined in parts with gold, which evoke the movement of celestial bodies in space. The luxurious metallic gold accents create a sense of depth and luminosity, suggesting the play of light across the vastness of the cosmos.

    As the eye travels outward from the center, the rings of color become more diffuse, blending and merging with one another in a harmonious dance. The turquoise tones shift from deep and vibrant to soft and ethereal, suggesting the ebb and flow of cosmic energies or our own wonder of the world, the great barrier reef, so full of colour. The magenta hues likewise vary in intensity, from bold and striking to delicate and nuanced, hinting at the mysteries of the universe waiting to be discovered.

    'MetaGalactic Tides' is a breathtaking work of art that invites the viewer to contemplate the wonders of the cosmos, the depths of our oceans and the infinite possibilities that lie beyond the naked eye. Its vibrant colors and swirling patterns offer a glimpse into the beauty and complexity of the universe.


    'MetaGalactic Tides' is a 1.2m x 1.2m piece of acrylic and resin on custom, reinforced birch panel.

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